Fishing in Kona offers a variety of deep sea charter fishing boats on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Boats range in size and price.  Just click on the boats to the right to view their web page.  E-mail or call the boats directly to book.  Their is no extra cost or booking fee.   My name is Captain Chuck Wigzell and I own and operate the Hooked Up.  I built this web page to advertise my fishing business in Kona- Hooked Up, my brothers boat- Go Get Em, Reel Class and Lady Dee Sportfishing.
The boats are clean, comfortable and professionally maintained and operated.  The captain and crews are very experienced and friendly.  They work great with kids and families.  Whether you are a beginner or professional you will enjoy spending the day with them on the water.   
Deep sea charter fishing in Kona Hawaii is some of the most exciting and thrilling fishing in the world.  Kona is famous for large blue marlin and professional anglers come from all around the world to fish for them off the Kona coast.  However, you do not have to be a professional or an experienced angler to have the thrill of landing a blue marlin or other big game fish off the Kona coast. 
  Blue marlin are caught year round off  the Kona coast of Hawaii. A 1805 pound marlin is the largest fish caught on rod and reel.  It was captured in Hawaii.  Besides billfish, you can target yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, ono and bottom fish. 
One of the luxuries of fishing in Kona is you do not have to go far to start fishing.  Its 6,000 feet deep just 3 miles off the Kona coast.  The water is always calm, two 13,000 foot volcanic mountains block the prevailing trade winds. 
Many of you will plan a vacation to Hawaii with family and friends and  If you are here or coming here with family and friends please check out our page on "Kona Information".
                                       ... Let's go fishing in Kona!

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5/24 - Light tackle action.
5/22 - Ono on a 1/2 day charter.
5/18 - Ahi 185 pounds on a 3/4 day.
5/17 - 27 Ono, 3 Mahi, 171 # tuna, and more..
5/14 - 2 Ono for a family's half day charter.